Sunday, August 3

My wisdom tooth tale | August 1, 2014

Hi everyone. It's good to be back. And by back I am referring to the time where I forgot everything that happened in a room where my wisdom teeth left my mouth. Thank you Dr. Lee. 

It started this morning at 3:45 a.m. when I woke up suddenly and thought I forgot to go to my appointment. I realized the time and then couldn't go back to sleep. I started thinking about everything good and bad that could happen from this. I will not have to deal with the teeth growing in, I might be crazy tomorrow, I might die tomorrow, I might forget which medicine to take and when, I might throw up, etc. 

We got up at 6:35, got there by 7 a.m. and they strapped me up to all these wires and blood pressure things. I sat there by myself in the room listening to PINK. I was in the room alone with all these things hooked up to my body. Then the doctor came in, gave me the awful IV and I was gone! The last thing he said to me was, "good luck" and I said, "thanks". 

I woke up to Kent filming me in the chair! It was so good to see him. I remember thinking the whole time, I'm so awake, I know what's going on. But I was crazy! 

I went home and skyped Claire and Brantley. Kent told me to take a picture of all of us on skype, so we took some screen shots, but in the first two my eyes were closed :)

I sat on the couch, watched monk, threw up twice because of the pain pills/no food substance.
I feel great now. 

Video Sneak Peek here:

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