Tuesday, August 26

the vow

Back in May Kent and I went through a "trial". That word seems to be thrown around at church and I didn't know what it really meant until things got tough. Now I know. 
Kent was jobless and I was upset every minute he did not work to find a stupid job, which left Kent frustrated at the situation and at me. Things were not happy. 

One Saturday morning we went to a garage sale with our jar of coins and found this book. I paid 50 cents for it and we read about half of it that day. After the second chapter we were both in tears and amazed at this couple and what they could accomplish with such a "trial". 
10 months after this couple got married, they were in a car accident and Kricket (the wife) forgot all about Kim (her husband) and their wedding, but they stayed together through all this because of their promise they made to God. 

This book got us through some hard times and made us realize that we can do it and work it out and move forward with Faith in Christ and trust in each other.
Things get worse before they can get so so so much better.

My favorite paragraph in the book is on the last page: 

"As this book comes to an end, our lives will continue on. As you close the back cover of this book, I want you to remember that in life you will encounter some very tough times, but you can find your strength in God. If there is something missing in your life, seek the Lord. If you once had him in your life and now he seems far away, guess who moved? He is still there; just go to him. He loves you with an everlasting love, and through obedience to him all commitments will endure. 
We made a vow."

I made a plan for my life but it wasn't the way it was supposed to be. The Lord will lead you in the direction you should be going, even if it's hard. 

It's getting so much better and Kent and I are becoming a better couple every day. 

p.s. the book is WAY better than the movie.

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